World of Shadows
Kain Test:

Latest News On Development now!
Currently we are develop a buff return system after 10 seconds if a player received a cancelation skill. Also we are re-writing the PvP Reward system and the Voting Reward system to be more artificial and stable. Class balance and Augmentation chance are underway! Stay tuned and give us your feedback about everything else you want to suggest. Beta Testing Period 2014
Currently the server is on Beta Testing mode, which means the ammount of connected people is limited plus the promotion of the server is frozen in order to fix all major and minor bugs. Your help was extraordinary to hunt and destroy every threat that was in our way! That means the server is going officialy online on June 25 2014. Stay tunned for more info!

// Bug Report
A bug tells us about an error you have found in the game. So if you find a bug in game feel free to notify us about by using our Bug Report system. Always remember that using bugs to benefit from them can get your account suspended. Website Copyright Material Stealing
Some people can't create or have something for their own so they steal from other people in order to feel "completed". I wont write here the website URL that stole our material by copy/paste our entire website but i will just warn them about something. We've reported this issue to UcoZ for Copyrighted material stealing it's a matter of time till they investigate it. If the owner of the website keep continue stealing our materials we will move the case to court.

// A Friendly Reminder
Some users might not pay the required attention to our forum boards, so i decided to post this warning in the front of our webpage so all players will have the access to read it. This issue has to do about bot characters for clan reputation. All GM's have been informed that, that action will result in the following punishments. If you caught using a bot character, your account will be permanently suspended and also your main account which your IP address/range refer to, will get a permanent account suspension as well. The clan that use those bot characters will get a permanent delete from our database. Hope everyone's play fair without abusing the game for other players.
[Read More] Breaking News
17/03/2010 New Website appearance. Hope you enjoy it. :)
17/03/2010 Server will be down from 23:59 CET Athens Time till 01:00 CET Athens time for Scheduled Maintenance. [Read More]
7/03/2010 Rolling restarts are over, Beta Phase is over we change to Normal Operation.
4/03/2010 Server is updated to Freya Hi5.

// Voting Rewards - March 2010
Great voting rewards waiting for you in-game. We always reward peoples generosity  with many items that can help them in their progress to the game. Learn about this month reward to our forum boards. [Read More]